User Support

June, 20 2015

Prior to last night, it was pretty painful to get a user into Slick. Beyond a curl command, you were on your own.

With the latest commit, you can now add users, change properties, and update passwords.

In addition, creating a new post will now assign the logged in user to it.


Dispatcher Support

May, 27 2015

I've got preliminary dispatcher support working with Slick. Currently it supports invalidating the cache on (new) post and manual flush. To flush the cache manually, head to:


Keep in mind, this is behind the author url, so you need to have permission to access that URL.

Slick's original horizontal menu wasn't very well conceived. It looked great, but it wouldn't scale for custom taxonomies. I've now made the menu vertical and cleaned up a few things here and there...

Slick Admin

I pushed out an update to Slick this morning. The update focuses on..

  • Migrating away from xpath to jcr_sql2.
  • Pulling in pages to the header of the site.
  • Updated how initial content is generated. Really hoping this is the last time I have to tweak this.

404 Support

April, 28 2015

Slick now has proper 404 support. 

Out of the box, Sightly doesn't seem to like outputting 404 content types in the same way as JSP. So it requires a Java class to set the content type manually. This is currently being done with

By using this class, we're also able to set a proper Status Code of 404, something we wouldn't get if we used the OOTB JSP implementation.

Anyway, check out the new 404.