Analytics Support

Slick now has robust analytics support. This has been tested with Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, and even Adobe DTM with Analytics and Target integrations! You can get the source code at GitHub.

Previously, Slick had a generic script tag in settings. By allowing head and foot tags, you have more choice in how you implement your scripts. In addition, specifying the service type will allow future integrations with these services. Including custom events triggered based on actions on the site.

Experience Managed is now exclusively powered by Adobe Analytics, Target, and DTM. You can see an A/B test below.

The Settings screen has been updated, and all analytics related OSGi configs have been moved into a separate PID as part of a refactoring effort.

Lastly, the old analytics script has been left for compatibility reasons. This is to prevent any breakage of existing sites. You should definitely move your script into in the appropriate script section. Here's the full settings screen...