Announcing Slick 2

Version 2 of the Slick Blogging Engine has been released. It's built on top of Sling 8, with both Oak and Sightly rolled in automatically. 

Download: You can get it on GitHub starting today.

End to end, there's been a ton of improvements:

For Authors and Readers

  • Easy to get creating content fast.
  • Creating and editing posts, pages, and media
  • Post and Page Scheduling
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • RSS 2.0 Feed
  • Accent color support
  • Authentication and user management
  • Search
  • Dispatcher
  • Analytics, SEO, and social integrations
  • Pagination
  • Basic Localization

For Developers

  • Proper OSGi services and configurations
  • Much improved dispatcher support
  • Entire stack was re-written to be easier to maintain (Java, JS, Sightly, SCSS)
  • Front-end build process now part of autoInstallBundle (and using Gulp)
  • Project is now a custom Maven multi-module project similar to AEM Archetype
  • Travis CI Integration
  • Basic Localization string support


Experience Managed â ¢ Slick Blog


When Slick was originally released, there wasn't much direction other than, "I want to make a blog using Sling and Sightly." Fast forward a few months and it was clear that lessons learned demanded a complete rewrite. Along the same time, my friend Nate Yolles released his excellent blog engine, Publick.

Slick 2 takes those lessons learned, concepts from Publick, and combines them with the opinionated design that's been around since day one. It's built in a way to support (mostly) good design patterns across the entire stack.


First Run





Posts List

Edit Post

Settings (Theme, SEO, Dispatch)


User List


RSS Feed

Basic Localization

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